Heart of Hiddleston.

It’s never too late

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Loki… the most dangerous villain in the Marvel Universe.

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So which one was the diva again?

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get back into gifset motherfucker

get back into gifset motherfucker

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Have you ever wondered why Loki’s eyes are so blue in The Avengers? In fact, Tom Hiddleston’s eyes are blue and he had to use effects in Thor because Loki’s eyes are green. In The Avengers his eyes are blue because of his scepter. The same happened with Hawkeye and Selvig. Loki was very vulnerable when Thor smashed him on the floor. He had a few moments of lucity, just like when Natasha slapped Hawkeye. Thor asked Loki to look around and see the damage he caused, asking to help him. It was a conflict, you can see. Then his eyes became green. You can see in the last gif. The change is VERY notable. It was a conflict but the power of the Tesseract was stronger. Loki did many bad things, but he was being possessed most of time. NOT like a robot, as with the others, but as Loki said “It touches everyone differently”. Everything makes sense to you now? One of the reasons why I can’t hate Loki at all. I’m not saying he’s not guilty, he is, but the Tesseract’s power fueled his hatred. He was being, in fact, controlled. Besides, Tom Hiddleston said they digitally made his eyes bluer in The Avengers. Now we have proof of it.

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Close enough…?

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Loki’s single manly tear after he stabs thor

Hey I’m pretty sure the look he has on his face in the second gif is EXACTLY the same as the one Erik has after Charles brings back that memory of his mum
Y’know, this one

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